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Posted On Friday February 24, 2023

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of February. It has been a wonderful week with a new school funding announcement for the Pineview Valley community, Pink Shirt Day events, and school visits which show the power of connecting, developing relationships, nurturing wellbeing, and ensuring equity, core value commitments in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan.

South Sa-Hali Elementary School

Principal Mabee and I started our visit with a review of the school learning plan goals, and she informed me that ensuring a strong sense of belonging is one goal the school has been working hard to define and develop. Principal Mabee was wearing pink, and she said, “I wear something pink all month to signify that treating each other with kindness is to happen every day, not just on Pink Shirt Day.” She pointed to a bulletin board where they have been collecting and celebrating acts of kindness all month.  This month they are also exploring “Neuroplasticity” (how the brain grows and develops as we use it) and how it helps to develop their “Growth Mindset.” We walked into the Library Learning Commons, where Mme Hunter, their teacher librarian, was teaching students how to use text features in their textbooks by modelling the process. M. Hall’s grade 1 class was celebrating Hundred’s Day, and some students dressed up, imagining they were 100 years old (left,Lincoln; right, Mme Mabee).

Mme Funk’s students were located in multiple places to practice their upcoming Science Fair presentations, and Principal Mabee and I learned all about flowers that last the longest from two students, Kaitlyn and Madeline, who agreed to share their research.

We continued to walk around while students were on their lunch break. I learned that the PAC has been very helpful and dedicated to contributing to educational resources such as “loose parts” used by students to help build stories and for imaginative play during recess and lunch, especially on cold days.

Logan Lake Elementary School

Principal Collins held up a pink shirt, “Always Choose Kindness” that students ordered for Pink Shirt Day. Then, we went for a walk in the elementary school just before lunch.

Ms. Scarr’s class had just studied, “How to Be Kind” and they were writing. One student, John, shared how he had helped the class to learn about making Chinese Lanterns, and the class really benefited from asking him questions about what his family traditions are for Chinese New Year.

Ms. Balson’s K-1 class was building number lines, making numbers with playdough, and counting with manipulatives. As we left the classroom, we stopped to see the sensory room that they have been working on for students to develop gross and fine motor skills, and to engage in tasks to refocus and take a mental break. Students reported really liking their time in that room. We ended with Ms. Collins’ class that was reading, and we met a student, Bre, who shared one of her favourite books by Mo Willems, “We Are in a Book!”

Logan Lake Secondary School

As we transitioned to the secondary school, we started outside and met the students who were working outside in the Youth Train in Trades welding program. Even though it was a cold day, the students assured me that nothing could stop them from focusing on their projects. This year, there are nine grade 12 and three grade 11 students. Principal Collins introduced me to Mr. Michael Grainger and Mr. Dwayne Geiger, TRU staff who have been instrumental in helping to inspire these students in their program.

We visited Ms. Mackay’s Gr. 5-6 class as they worked on comic books, IXL reading, and dividing decimals. As lunch began, we passed through the gym where Mr. Daley, Ms. Cardinal, and Mr. Smith were playing basketball with students.

Pink Shirt Day- Feb. 22, 2023

Our schools and departments celebrated being kind and caring to ensure that everyone is accepted for who they are in inclusive environments Read more.

Enjoy your weekend and stay warm!


Rhonda Nixon, PhD


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