School Bus Safety for Elementary Students

Posted On Wednesday October 16, 2019
Dan with students
Dan Blanchard, with Kay Bingham Elementary students following the gym presentation portion of the School Bus Safety training program.

Every school day, our school bus fleet is responsible for the transportation and safety of 4,000 students to and from school and on field trips across the 27,000 square kilometres of our district. 

“Helping students see the connection they need to have with their bus driver is an important part of keeping them safe,” said Dan Blanchard, Assistant Manager, Transportation. “Making eye contact with the driver and following the drivers’ instructions are essential.”

Blanchard and a team of bus drivers are traveling to elementary schools across the district to provide students with school bus safety training. The focus is on Kindergarten students and their big buddies, with a short presentation in the gym and then an exercise with a driver on a school bus. Along with basic rules including lining up in single file and sitting facing forward, each session includes learning how to exit the bus in the event of an emergency. 

“The hands-on part is an important part of the learning,” said Blanchard. “And if students can take away even one or two things from these sessions, then it is time well spent.”

This is the second year for the school bus safety training program in the district. By training the youngest students and their big buddies each year, the aim is to spread the knowledge through all ages over the next several years. 

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