Board to Consider Several Catchment Area Changes

Posted On Tuesday April 13, 2021

 The Kamloops-Thompson Board of Education is serving notice of four proposed catchment boundary changes and the re-opening of a school being considered for September, 2022.

In order to manage enrolment levels, District staff is recommending to the Board of Education that a change be made to catchment areas for Aberdeen/Pacific Way, Sa-Hali/SKSS, Dallas/RL Clemitson, Juniper Ridge/Marion Schilling, and the reopening of Ralph Bell Elementary School. 

”Many of our facilities in Kamloops are experiencing significant space pressures.  The Board appreciates the comprehensive recommendations prepared by staff and look forward to the public consultation process to gather community input on these potential changes,”  said Board Chair Rhonda Kershaw. “Any boundary changes could relieve significant pressure points, but the only long-term solution as identified in the Long Range Facilities plan presented are new schools within Kamloops.”

The catchment changes would shift the boundary areas of various schools affecting students in several neighbourhoods throughout the city of Kamloops.

“When we looked at this year’s Long-Range Facilities’ Plan we could see that we need to take action now in light of the future enrolment pressures that schools were facing, ” said Terry Sullivan, Superintendent.

While changes in School Boundaries and catchment areas do not require a public consultation process, given the significance of the changes being proposed and the connections of some of the proposed changes to the reopening of Ralph Bell Elementary School, Sullivan noted that it was important that a similar consultation process be considered for input into the proposed changes in school boundaries and catchment areas and the Board makes the final decision on these proposed changes following the consultation processes.

Aberdeen/Pacific Way, Sa-Hali/SKSS, Dallas/RL Clemitson

For the proposed boundary reviews of Aberdeen/Pacific Way, Sa-Hali/SKSS, and Dallas/RL Clemitson, a period of public consultation will be held from Apr.13 to Jun. 4, with public meetings (via Zoom) to be held on Tuesday, April 27, Thursday, April 29, and Tuesday, May 4, 2021.

Juniper Ridge/Marion Schilling and Ralph Bell

For the proposed boundary review of Juniper Ridge/Marion Schilling and proposed re-opening of Ralph Bell Elementary, a 60-day period of public consultation as per Board Policy 13, will be confirmed after a review of the Board Report by the Board’s Education, and Finance and Planning Committees, and a recommendation to the Board on April 19, 2021.

Anyone wishing to speak at these meetings will be asked to register for a 10-minute time slot. Anyone with a question to add to the FAQ is asked to email

The Board of Education will be considering all the public input before making its decision on June 14, 2021 for the Aberdeen/Pacific Way, Sa-Hali/SKSS and Dallas/RL Clemitson

catchment changes and on June 28, 2021 for the Juniper Ridge/Marion Schillingcatchment changes and the reopening of Ralph Bell.






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