ERASE Bullying Reporting

erase = expect respect & a safe education

The Ministry of Education’s Expect Respect & A Safe Education resources are now available online.  Along with a reporting tool, the new erase site includes information about bullying and violence prevention, online safety, mental well-being, substance use, and sexual orientation and gender identity.  These resources were created following extensive consultation with students, parents, and educators throughout the province.

SD73 is taking an extra step and linking the erase reporting tool directly to the district website and to each school’s website.  The bright pink erase button is easily identifiable and can quickly be accessed to report incidents that impact students’ health, well-being and sense of safety.  Reports may be made anonymously and will always be followed up by our dedicated staff.

Students at Heffley Creek Elementary are expected to use TILT when faced with conflict (Tell the person to stop, Ignore the person, Leave the situation, Tell an adult).

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